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Sendo Invitations (Sendomatic) was created to assist individuals and organizations with creating and managing events online. Our goal is to provide a unique, creative, environmentally friendly, and less expensive option to mailing out printed correspondence. Sendo designs are completely customizable, advertisement-free, and mobile-friendly making us a favorite for businesses. Sendo’s robust functionality includes ticketing, polling, notifications, reminders, calendaring, social sharing, and custom designs. Users use Sendo for: business events, fundraising, school events, birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby events, retirement, graduation, BBQs and parties.

Sendo Online Invitations

The Sendo Story

Sendo, Inc. is a privately held company located in Woodside, CA. Sendo has a personal story attached to its creation. Jennifer Skarakis, a graphic designer, had many people in her life with upcoming weddings and baby arrivals. Before she knew it, she became to go-to for friends and family seeking unique, creative shower invitations and baby announcements. She spent much of her free time creating and sending these beautiful hand-made correspondences. She came up with an idea that would allow her friends and others to have access to her invitation designs by putting them online and allowing them to utilize and personalize each invitation and announcement. She formulated a way for friends could track and correspond with recipients online. Her idea was put into action in 1999 and the site has grown exponentially.

“The focus of a Sendo invitation or announcement is on the user – people want their event to be special and it starts with how the invitation or announcement is presented. Sendo’s cutting-edge designs are not cluttered with advertising or marketing. Sendo is the closest thing to a hand-made paper invitation or announcement, but a whole lot easier and much more cost-effective!” Jennifer Skarakis, Founder & CEO

Who Uses Sendo?

Individuals, organizations and companies use Sendo’s service to plan, coordinate and manage a wide range of events online. Sendo customers have used our system for baby announcements, birthday parties, company holiday parties, bridal showers, wedding invitations, sales parties, reunions and much more.

Sendo provides corporate clients with a closed-loop, turnkey solution for a variety of event management and marketing campaigns. Businesses use Sendo (as opposed to text or HTML-based e-mail) to achieve higher response rates (click-through and conversion), increase “pass along,” boost sales, increase site traffic and build brand equity.

From a technical perspective, Sendo is a web-based application that allows consumers and businesses to use high-end, customized design templates to create, send and manage responses to online announcements and invitations. Sendo offers its e-mail messaging engine in a Web-based, application services provider (ASP) hosted environment.

How does it work?

  • Users select their design online – just like browsing through a stationary store.
  • Sendo is open to design suggestions and often works with the customer to create the perfect design for their special occasion.
  • The user then composes their event and can add photos or company logos.
  • Email addresses are uploaded, custom delivery settings are chosen, and the event is sent out via email.
  • Recipients can RSVP online, add a personal message, poll their recipients, sell tickets, check the weather, or get door-to-door directions.
  • The host can come back at any time to manage their event make changes, add recipients, correspond with existing recipients, and view responses.
  • Sendo provides leading event planning and management to help companies and organizations lower costs, increase responses and attendance, build brands and maximize ROI for events.


Over a million events have been hosted on Sendo. The feedback and suggestions over the years have helped shape the application into the ideal system for Event Planners and Promoters. Read our success stories!

About Privacy

Sendo has a strict privacy policy, absolutely no advertising on the site, and no relationships with other companies (marketing or otherwise). So Sendo users and their recipients will enjoy an advertisement-free, marketing-free and spam-free environment for all events on Sendo. You can read more about our privacy policy here.