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How to Accept Donations via Paypal

1. Click EDIT EVENT, then click SELL TICKETS (OPTIONAL) at the top.

Sell Tickets

2. Fill out all the fields with an asterisk. Note your Paypal email address (where you will accept the donations) must be verified through Paypal. This cannot be done through Sendomatic, you must visit to verify your account.

Accept Donations

3. Click the CREATE A TICKET button.

Create a Ticket

4. Fill in all the fields with asterisks on the following page. If you need help filling out these fields, please view our instructions for creating a ticket. You will need multiple tickets based on each level of donation you want to offer. You'll notice in our example, we've named the ticket "Donation Level 1" and set it at $5.00.

After you have filled in all the information, click SAVE TICKET.

Using Paypal

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have all the donation levels you'd like.

6. You can see all of your tickets under the MY TICKETS area. Here you can view, edit, or delete any of your tickets, as well as see the amount sold and the number still available. You can also click on VIEW TICKETS PURCHASED to see who exactly has purchased what.

Multiple Ticket Types